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Books in Media & Communication

Below you find the most popular books in Media & Communication.

A First Look at Communication Theor ...

Glenn Grayson Sparks

284 kr

519 kr (new)

Media, culture and society

Paul Hodkinson

83 kr

290 kr (new)


Stuart (EDT) Hall m fl

230 kr

Social Media

Christian Fuchs

201 kr

PR Today

Trevor Morris m fl

238 kr

Movie History: A survey

Douglas Gomey And Clara Pafort-overduin

238 kr

Corporate Communications

Lars Thger Christensen

103 kr

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film ...

Edward (EDT) Branigan Warren (EDT) Buckland Edward (EDT) Braniga

318 kr

The Network Society

Professor Jan A. G. M. Van Dijk

245 kr