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Selling books

We have mediated 738,845 books and paid out more than 118 million kr since the start in 2005. The last year we have sold more than 76% of all the books submitted to our bookshops.

This is how it works, 3 quick steps!

1. Get a quote and pre-register the book (optional)

Using this webpage you can evaluate your book to find out exactly how much you will receive for it. You may also choose to create an account and pre-register your books so you do not have to do so in the bookshop.

2. Submit your books

Now that you have decided to make your fortune, you just need to come by one of our bookshops and drop off your books.

3. The book gets sold!

Hurray! Pop the champagne and celebrate - you are rich again! You can find your payment under Balance. Here, you can also choose to transfer the money directly to your Swedish or non-Swedish bank account.

How it works

Commission sales

Campusbokhandeln operates under a commission-sale policy, meaning that you get paid once the book is sold. Therefore, you remain the rightful owner of your books until they are sold. Once your book has been sold you will receive 70% of the sales price.

How is the selling price determined?

Condition Description Our s-price in % of the current retail price (old edition)
Mint The book is used but there are no underlinings or markings etc. 80 % (50 %1)
Fair The book appears a little worn down and/ or has some underlinings in pencil, pen or highlighter. 67 % (37 %1)
Poor The book appears worn down and/ or has a lot of notes or underlinings in pencil, pen or highlighter. 55 % (25 %1)

1Percentage of the old edition

Example 1: The retail price of the book "Economics" is 300 kr. Therefore, for a used book in excellent condition, the buyer will pay 240 kr (80% of 300 kr). While the payment to the seller will be 168 kr (70% of 240 kr).

Example 2: The book "Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour" sells at a retail price of 600 kr. Thus, for a used book in poor condition, the buyer will pay 330 kr (55% of 600 kr). Then, the seller will receive 231 kr (70% of 330 kr) into their account.

For further conditions, please visit Terms and Conditions of Sale.


As a seller, you will receive your payment when the book has been sold. On your Campusbokhandeln account, you can easily request to transfer your money directly to your personal bank account. Alternatively, you may use this credit to shop in our web-shop as well as in our bookshops. When you purchase your next book you will receive an email from us with instructions for this.

When you log into your Campusbokhandeln homepage, you may register a bank account number for future transfers. It is easiest to do this yourself, you can also visit us in the bookshop with valid identification, or by emailing us using your registered email address.

On your account you can also see a list of all your submitted books, complete with their current sales status.


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