Mellan den 12 juni och 2 augusti har våra butiker stängt. Lagret och webbshoppen är öppet och skickar som vanligt men det går inte att hämta ut eller lämna in böcker i våra butiker under perioden.

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You can either hand-in the books you wish to sell to any one of our bookshops or submission station , or you can send them to our warehouse (Campusbokhandeln, Höstbruksvägen 14, 226 60 Lund). Please include a note with your name, date of birth and e-mail address as well as how many books you submit.

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This is our ambition, and we do what it takes to get there. We are here to help students to save and earn money on their textbooks while we at the same time save the environment. We were started in 2005 by two students and have since strived to constantly make it easier to buy and sell used textbooks for as many as possible.