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Fundraising for The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization ridding the oceans of plastic by developing and scaling systems for cleanup. Make an extra effort for the environment together with us when you buy your course literature during February 13th – March 31th by donating in connection to your purchase. Thanks for your contribution! ? Learn more here

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  • Svensk Lag 2023

    1.078 kr

  • Inkomstskatt, del 1 - En lärobok i skatterätt

    581 kr

  • Kriminalrättens grunder

    Kriminalrättens grunder

    Magnus Ulväng w. others

    370 kr

  • Marknadsföring


    Anders Parment

    539 kr

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We have Sweden's best selection of new and used course literature so you can buy the books you need - easy, fast, and cheap. And it's just as easy to sell your textbooks when you've submitted the exam.

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Used and new in the same cart

Used and new in the same cart

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Have the textbooks brought to your door or pick them up in one of our ten stores near campus and get free shipping.

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Books need paper. Paper requires trees. If you buy used textbooks, you save the earth's resources and help the environment.

Earn money when you sell

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Avoid the work by handing in your books in our stores or drop-off stations. Or do the selling yourself with a book ad, two easy ways. You choose.

Fast and easy selling

From Ystad to Haparanda – your course literature instantly becomes available to students all over Sweden. That maximizes your chances of selling your textbooks quickly. And to get paid fast.

Secure payments

Yay, the book gets sold! You get the money as soon as the purchase is complete. Easy and secure. Do a payout to your bank account or use them to buy books for your next course.

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This is our ambition, and we do what it takes to get there. We are here to help students to save and earn money on their textbooks while we at the same time save the environment. We were started in 2005 by two students and have since strived to constantly make it easier to buy and sell used textbooks for as many as possible.

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