Terms and Conditions of Sale

Valid from 2022-05-13

Approval of terms and conditions

When submitting your books to Campusbokhandeln, you agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

Compensation levels (price classes)

The prices on submitted books are categorised according to current price ranges.
Like new condition 80 % (50 %*)
The book is like new, no notes or highlighting.

Fair condition 67 % (37 %*)
The cover may have slight damage, some highlighting or notes in the text.

Poor condition 55 % (25 %*)
The book is damaged, and/or have a lot of highlighting or notes.

*Percentage for old edition.

Campusbokhandeln reserves the right to change the price range of a submitted book if it would come to light that a newer edition exists, or if previously set price range was incorrect. Please note that we compare the prices with the current lowest price of the book as new when purchased on the internet and the current edition. Since this information is subject to change, the price of your book could also change.


You always receive 65 % of the sale price excluding any charges (according to the compensation levels described above) when the book has been sold. When a submitted book has been sold the money for the book is added to your account balance and you are contacted by Campusbokhandeln via email.


You can shop with your account balance in the store already on the same day. Would you rather have the money paid into your bank account you must request a payment to your account at our web page, where you also can follow the progress of your submitted books. Once you have requested to have your money paid into your bank account, the money will be transferred, for a fee of 0 SEK incl VAT, within two weeks into your Swedish bank account.To register a bank account in our database you can either e-mail us your bank account number from your registered email address or enter it yourself by logging into your account and change the data.Unclaimed earnings from sold books will accrue to Campusbokhandeln one year after the last submitted book was sold.

Approved editions

Campusbokhandeln will not accept books older than the second oldest edition; if such a book would be submitted, Campusbokhandeln reserves the right to remove the book from sale without contacting you.

First in, first out

Campusbokhandeln applies the principle of “first in, first out”, meaning that we have a chronological order in which we sell the first submitted book in each price class first. There are six price categories for each book depending on the condition.


Campusbokhandeln reserves the right to cancel the sale of a book if the buyer chooses to cancel his purchase, after which the book is first put in the queue to be sold again.


If the books are not sold, or repossessed within 12 months from the time they were submitted to us, the books will accrue to Campusbokhandeln. All customers who have submitted books that have not been sold will, however, be notified via email when there is a month left until the books will accrue to Campusbokhandeln so that the customer has time to reclaim the books.

Lost or stolen books

Campusbokhandeln replaces stolen or missing textbooks of the latest edition under the same conditions as in § 1. Books that are not the latest edition are replaced with a maximum of 50 SEK, the market value of an old edition textbook would probably not be more than that. We will primarily replace the book with a book that is in the same condition range. We reserve the right to get two weeks to look for the book.


You must be of legal age to submit books to Campusbokhandeln. Furthermore, you must be the owner of the books or have the authorisation from the owner of the books to submit them.

ChangesCampusbokhandeln reserves the right to change the above points at any time, it rests on you as a customer to stay updated with the current terms and conditions.

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