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All the course literature you need for studies within society and politics.

How exciting that you have chosen to study with a focus on society and politics! Are you perhaps one of our future politicians, analysts or investigators?

Here you will find a wide range of new and used student literature within society and politics to take you further in your studies. Can’t find what you are looking for? Search by ISBN, title or author.

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Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare

Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare | 3rd edition

By Torsten Thurén

Price from: 191 SEK

Statistik för beteendevetare - Faktabok

Statistik för beteendevetare - Faktabok | 4th edition

By Elisabet Borg et al

Price from: 343 SEK


Metodpraktikan | 5th edition

By Peter Esaiasson et al

Price from: 186 SEK

Handbok i kvalitativa metoder

Handbok i kvalitativa metoder | 3rd edition

By Göran Ahrne et al

Price from: 281 SEK

Välfärdsstat i förändring - Socialpolitiska reformer i Västeuropa på 2000-talet

Välfärdsstat i förändring - Socialpolitiska reformer i Västeuropa på 2000-talet | 1st edition

By Mikael Nygård

Price from: 276 SEK

Reflex Plus elevbok

Reflex Plus elevbok | 2nd edition

By Erik Nilsson et al

Price from: 408 SEK

Handlingsutrymme: utmaningar i socialt arbete

Handlingsutrymme: utmaningar i socialt arbete | 2nd edition

By Leili Laanemets et al

Price from: 266 SEK

Handbok i kvalitativ analys

Handbok i kvalitativ analys | 3rd edition

By Andreas Fejes et al

Price from: 262 SEK


Socialpolitik | 5th edition

By Jonas Olofsson

Price from: 241 SEK

Textens mening och makt

Textens mening och makt | 4th edition

By Kristina Boréus et al

Price from: 229 SEK

Intersektionalitet i socialt arbete

Intersektionalitet i socialt arbete | 3rd edition

By Tina Mattsson

Price from: 255 SEK


Lärande | 2nd edition

By Roger Säljö

Price from: 200 SEK


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