Denna kampanjen har blivit ersatt till förmån för insamling till WWFs arbete för att skydda Amazonas. Pengarna som har samlats in kommer naturligtvis gå till ändamålet.

Save the Baltic Sea

Every new semester we aim to raise money together with our customers to a non-profit organisation that preferably are doing some kind of positive change in favour for the environment. This time we asked you to come up with your best suggestions and we got bombarded with loads of great organisations and projects! We then chose to let you vote on our Instagram Story among the top five suggestions and the winner turned out to be WWF and their initiative “Väck liv i Östersjön” - bring the Baltic Sea back to life! An incredibly important campaign as the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world as a result of our emissions of environmental toxins, eutrophication, overfishing and increased shipping. The Baltic Sea is in a state of crisis and we have everything to gain from trying to save the sea where health-threatening algal blooms, fish and dead seabed are increasing. The money raised goes to stopping unsustainable fishing, protect important areas, stop eutrophication and hazardous emissions, create safer shipping and reduce oil spills. You will be able to donate money in conjunction with a purchase between August 21st and September 30th.

Our goal is to raise 130,000 SEK.

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The fundraise

Raised money so far

24,695 SEK
of target 130,000 SEK

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"Vore bra om det fanns alternativ för att skänka mer än 25, t.ex. även 50 och 100 kr, eller att man kan välja valfri summa." /Emma Rebecka, Uppsala

"mycket bra initiativ!" /Camille Elise, Malmö

"Kan la ge 2 Donken-cheese?" /Zakarias, Göteborg

"ni får tie" /Tilde Alfina Elisabeth, Västra frölunda

"Kul med fisk ju" /Filip Nils, Lund

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