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Books in Programming (general)

C++ direkt

Jan Skansholm

443 kr

529 kr (new)

Java : steg för steg

Jan Skansholm

360 kr

427 kr (new)

Big Java

Cay S. Horstmann

Programmering 1 Java

Bo Silborn et al

466 kr

560 kr (new)

Objects First with Java

David Barnes & Micheal Kölling

Programmering i Python

Erik Lindblad

358 kr

424 kr (new)

Programmeringsprinciper i Java

Fadil Galjic

284 kr

488 kr (new)

Skarp programmering med C#

Jan Skansholm

443 kr

535 kr (new)

Java Network Programming

Elliotte Rusty Harold

Programmering Java

Jonas Byström

404 kr

481 kr (new)

C++ primer

Stanley Lippman et al

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