Buying books //

Buying books

You can either buy your books online from our webshop, or reserve them for 48 hours and pay for them in-store. If you buy your books online or reserve them you save 20 kr per reserved book and 10 kr per book bought online, compared to if you would buy them in-store without a reservation.

Please note: At the start of semester, the shop gets very busy and we will prioritise customers who have made reservations or bought books online as we do not have time to search for books for each customer.

Searching for books

You can search for books on the website by title, author, course code or ISBN number. Most books are registered with ISBN13 (13 digits), but some are only registered with ISBN10. You can also come by one of our bookshops and we will help you find the books you need.

Delivery time for books bought online

If you have bought books from our website, please be aware that delivery times might vary as this depends on which shop your books are being shipped from. We aim to take no longer than 0-5 working days for delivery to another shop, and an additional 1-3 days for delivery to your home. If the book is a backorder item an estimated delivery time to the bookshop will be shown in the shopping cart.

Explaination of price classes

Condition Description Price in relation to new book (old edition)
Mint The book is used but there are no underlinings or markings etc. 80% (50%)
Fair The book appears a little worn down and/ or has some underlinings in pencil, pen or highlighter. 67% (37%)
Poor The book appears worn down and/ or has a lot of notes or underlinings in pencil, pen or highlighter. 55% (25%)

Price guarantee

Used books should be cheaper than new ones! We can unfortunately not guarantee that we always have updated prices on new books in our database, but we are happy to check on your request. Our prices on used books are based on the lowest online price on the book when new, taking condition of the book and our commission into account.

No returns in-store

When you buy used books in any of our stores, you are responsible for making sure that you are happy with the price and condition of the books, that they are on your reading list, that any CD:s or website-codes are working etc. We do not offer returns on books bought in-store as the person selling the book will be notified as soon as his or her book is sold.

However, if you buy books in our web-shop you have 14 days to return them if you are not satisfied.

We constantly get new books

We get more books almost every day, but mostly at the beginning and end of each semester.

With a few clicks you can buy or reserve the books you seek on our mobile website.


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