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Physics Handbook for Science and Engineering | 8th edition

by Carl Nordling and Jonny Osterman

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Publisher Studentlitteratur
Language English
Book type Hardcover
Utgiven 2006-02-08
Edition 8
More editions 2003/0, 2020/9
Pages 503
ISBN 9789144044538
Kategori(er) Nature science & Tech
 ↳ Physics
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What is that formula? Where did I see it? How can I check it?Those are common-enough posers for the busy physicist. But now there need be no more library-searching or head-scratching for that elusive data.Here at last is a single volume which summarizes the entire world of physics. An important learning tool for the student, an invaluable reference for the professional.In the PHYSICS HANDBOOK you can quickly locate any data and formulae you need. Clearly presented, extensively indexed, this impressive work includes:Numerical values (in SI units as well as other suitable units) of the fun-damental constants of physics, numerical values of non-SI units etc.Data on mechanical, thermal, electric, atomic, nuclear, solid state and other properties of numerous materials, including the elements of the periodic table and astronomical objects.A wide selection of physical notation and formulae, mathematical formulae, equations, integrals etc.The tables comprise extensive nuclear data, including binding energy, half-life, fission product yields, cross-sections, decay modes, and decay energies of numerous nuclides.Whether you are a student of physics, tutor or practising physicist, you should possess a personal copy of the PHYSICS HANDBOOK. (Studentlitteratur AB)

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