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Political Communication : Discursive Perspectives | 1st edition

by Mirko A. Demasi and Shani Burke

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Publisher Springer Nature
Language English
Book type Hardcover
Utgiven 2021-02-01
Edition 1
Pages 278
ISBN 9783030602222
Kategori(er) Media & Communication
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This book explores discursive psychological empirical research in the context of political communication. Drawing together a well-established field of study and a variety of discursive psychology approaches the authors confront the theoretical and practical challenges that discursive psychology and political communication studies face today. Using a diverse range of approaches, including the analysis of TV shows, cartoons, social media groups and blogs, face-to-face verbal interaction, political rhetoric and mainstream news reports, the authors explain the ways in which discursive psychology can offer insight into the nature of contemporary political communications. The book offers timely and international reflections on the context of online political communication, Brexit rhetoric, prejudice discourse and political persuasion, showcasing the analytical acumen and empirical insight that can be gleaned from discursive psychology methods.

Political Communication: Discursive Perspectives highlights the value of contributions from outside English speaking academia and is essential reading for academics, researchers and students interested in political communication or discursive psychology.

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