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At Campusbokhandeln you can find over 89,000 new and used books. A smart, cheap and environmental friendly way to buy and sell your textbooks.

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At Campusbokhandeln it is easy to buy and sell books. We provide both new and used textbooks and can help you to sell these when you no longer need them.

We have reused 725,499 books

To reuse books is not only good for your wallet but also for the environment, and the environment is something that we care a great deal about. So far our customers have saved 10,433 trees from being chopped down.

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GöteborgClosed until 30 July
KarlstadClosed until 6 August
LinköpingClosed until 6 August
LundClosed until 6 August
MalmöClosed until 6 August
StockholmClosed until 6 August
UppsalaClosed until 6 August
VäxjöClosed until 6 August
ÖrebroClosed until 6 August

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