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Books in Sociology

Below you find the most popular books in Sociology.

Social Construction of Reality

Thomas Luckmann m fl

74 kr

143 kr (new)

The Managed Heart

Arlie Russell Hochschild

149 kr

The Ethics of Authenticity

Charles Taylor

255 kr

297 kr (new)

Confronting Conflict

Friedrich Glasl

112 kr

188 kr (new)

Designing Conflict Management Syste ...

Cathy A. Costantino

365 kr

588 kr (new)

The Mediation Process

Christopher W Moore

431 kr

684 kr (new)


Geoffrey Ingham

103 kr

230 kr (new)

Rethinking Science

Michael Gibbons

139 kr

310 kr (new)


Anthony Giddens m fl

237 kr

Global Sociology

Robin Cohen m fl

272 kr


Peter H. Rossi m fl

779 kr

The Sociology Of Emotions

Jonathan H. Turner m fl

225 kr

Connected Sociologies

Gurminder K (university Of Warwick Uk) Bhambra

214 kr