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Books in International relations

Below you find the most popular books in International relations.

Thinking About Development

Björn Hettne

141 kr

198 kr (new)

Challenging the Aid Paradigm

Jens Stilhoff Sorensen

608 kr

764 kr (new)

Introduction to International Relat ...

G. John Ikenberry m fl

283 kr

385 kr (new)

Humanitarian Intervention

Aidan Hehir

299 kr

332 kr (new)

Critical Security Studies

Nick Vaughan-Williams m fl

297 kr

420 kr (new)

The Second World

Parag Khanna

104 kr

127 kr (new)

Security Studies

Paul D Williams

277 kr

353 kr (new)


Lee Jarvis m fl

168 kr


Barry Buzan m fl

162 kr

Theories of Development

Richard Peet m fl

313 kr

492 kr (new)


Anthony D. Smith