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Books in Global Studies

Below you find the most popular books in Global Studies.

Thinking About Development

Björn Hettne

141 kr

198 kr (new)


Jan Aart Scholte

291 kr

348 kr (new)

Introduction to International Relat ...

G. John Ikenberry m fl

283 kr

385 kr (new)

Human Rights

Michael A. Freeman

117 kr

198 kr (new)

The Bottom Billion

Paul Collier

59 kr

120 kr (new)

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

232 kr

421 kr (new)

The Will to Improve

Tania Murray Li

135 kr

227 kr (new)

Environment and Politics

Professor Timothy Doyle m fl

Only new copies

305 kr (new)


Thomas Hylland Eriksen

165 kr

247 kr (new)

Building Global Democracy?

Jan Aart (EDT) Scholte

210 kr


Mark Haugaard

128 kr

Security Studies

Paul D Williams

277 kr

353 kr (new)


Pramod K. Nayar

145 kr

The Long Interview

Author missing

194 kr

185 kr (new)

Resilient Life

Brian Evans m fl


Women, Work, and Globalization

Bahira Sherif-trask

Only new copies

400 kr (new)


Barry Buzan m fl

162 kr


Jeremy L. Caradonna


Theories of Development

Richard Peet m fl

313 kr

492 kr (new)

Latin America In The 21st Century

Gian Luca Gardini m fl

Only new copies

211 kr (new)

Constructive Conflicts

Louis Kriesberg m fl

171 kr

Becoming Evil

James E Waller


Rethinking Regionalism

Fredrik Söderbaum m fl