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Books in Society & Politics

Below you find the most popular books in Society & Politics.

Social Construction of Reality

Thomas Luckmann m fl

74 kr

143 kr (new)

Management Control Systems

Kenneth A. Merchant m fl

208 kr

The Managed Heart

Arlie Russell Hochschild

149 kr

Thinking About Development

Björn Hettne

141 kr

198 kr (new)


Jan Aart Scholte

291 kr

348 kr (new)

Challenging the Aid Paradigm

Jens Stilhoff Sorensen

608 kr

764 kr (new)

Introduction to International Relat ...

G. John Ikenberry m fl

283 kr

385 kr (new)

Human Rights

Michael A. Freeman

117 kr

198 kr (new)

The Bottom Billion

Paul Collier

59 kr

120 kr (new)

Causes of War

Jack S Levy m fl

141 kr

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

232 kr

421 kr (new)

Policy-Making in the European Union

Helen Wallace m fl

181 kr

372 kr (new)

The Ethics of Authenticity

Charles Taylor

255 kr

297 kr (new)

Citizen Politics

Russell J. Dalton

246 kr

435 kr (new)

Politics in the European Union

Stephen George m fl

362 kr

385 kr (new)

The Will to Improve

Tania Murray Li

135 kr

227 kr (new)

Women on the Line

Women On The Line

232 kr