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Books in Psychology

Below you find the most popular books in Psychology.

An Introduction to Social Psycholog ...

Wolfgang Stroebe m fl

410 kr

569 kr (new)

Personality Psychology

David M. Buss m fl

302 kr

535 kr (new)

Social Psychology

David Myers m fl

267 kr

Group Dynamics

Donelson Forsyth

534 kr

Forensic Psychology in Context

Par-Anders Granhag

252 kr

359 kr (new)

Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction t ...

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema m fl

297 kr

712 kr (new)

Social Psychology

Michael Hogg m fl

289 kr

491 kr (new)

Identity development

Jane Kroger

362 kr

514 kr (new)

Social Psychology

David Myers m fl

244 kr

An Introduction to Cognitive Behavi ...

Helen Kennerley Westbrook David



John W. Santrock m fl

456 kr

Social Psychology

David Myers m fl

199 kr

Evolutionary Psychology

Lance Workman m fl

309 kr

388 kr (new)