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Books in Pedagogics

Below you find the most popular books in Pedagogics.

Kidworthy Works

Karyn Sandström

150 kr

274 kr (new)

Democratic Education

Author missing

96 kr

170 kr (new)

Early Spelling

Author missing

402 kr


Stephen Fineman m fl


Professionellt kapital : - att utve ...

Andy Hargreaves m fl

248 kr

311 kr (new)

Gender, Youth And Culture

Author missing

Only new copies

332 kr (new)

Coaching for Performance

Sir John Whitmore

Only new copies

159 kr (new)

Ethical Leadership

Robert J. Starratt


Diversity in Education

Author missing

Only new copies

273 kr (new)

Leadership at the University

Thomas Sewerin m fl

Only new copies

278 kr (new)

Lund University over 350 Years – ...

Björn Magnusson Staaf m fl

Only new copies

249 kr (new)

Instructional skills

Peter Saers

Only new copies

156 kr (new)

Blyga skolbarn

Robert J Coplan m fl

Only new copies

249 kr (new)