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Books in Pedagogic & Psychology

Below you find the most popular books in Pedagogic & Psychology.

An Introduction to Social Psycholog ...

Wolfgang Stroebe m fl

398 kr

569 kr (new)

Personality Psychology

David M. Buss m fl

290 kr

535 kr (new)

Group Dynamics

Donelson Forsyth

534 kr

Social Psychology

David Myers m fl

267 kr

Kidworthy Works

Karyn Sandström

150 kr

274 kr (new)

Forensic Psychology in Context

Par-Anders Granhag

247 kr

359 kr (new)

Thinking About Social Problems

Donileen R. Loseke

327 kr

340 kr (new)

International perspectives on socia ...

Karen Lyons Kathleen Manion Mary Carlsen

205 kr

Social Psychology

Michael Hogg m fl

278 kr

491 kr (new)

Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction t ...

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema m fl

297 kr

712 kr (new)

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

232 kr

421 kr (new)

What Anthropologists Do

Author missing

198 kr

234 kr (new)