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Books in History & Archaeology

Below you find the most popular books in History & Archaeology.

A History of World Societies, Combi ...

John P. McKay m fl

312 kr

550 kr (new)

The Origins of the Modern World

Robert Marks

144 kr

222 kr (new)

Challenging the Aid Paradigm

Jens Stilhoff Sorensen

608 kr

764 kr (new)

Film History


378 kr

The Human Past

Chris Scarre

357 kr

452 kr (new)

Agriculture in World History

Mark B. (west Virginia University Tauger

166 kr

Art History

Marilyn Stokstad

1426 kr

Archaeology Matters

Jeremy A Sabloff

162 kr

246 kr (new)

Archaeological Thinking

Charles E Orser

Only new copies

239 kr (new)

Inside Cultures

William Balee

Only new copies

422 kr (new)

The Nordic Model

Mary Hilson

185 kr

235 kr (new)

The Forest People

Colin M Turnbull

88 kr

Social policy, welfare state, and c ...

Sven E O Hort (f.d. Olsson)

167 kr

187 kr (new)

Africa since 1940

Frederick Cooper

165 kr

The viking world

Neil Price m fl

332 kr

The Forest People

Colin M Turnbull

38 kr


Stephen R. Gliessman m fl