SAGE IBM® SPSS® Statistics v23.0 Student Version | 1st edition

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Publisher SAGE Publications Ltd
Language English
Book type Other
Utgiven 2015-12-09
Edition 1
ISBN 9781506336060
Kategori(er) Mathematics & Statistics
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SAGE IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition Flash Drive, Version 23.0

This student version is a single-user licence that provides affordable access to statistical analysis, modeling and survey research tools that can support your coursework and enable you to develop the advanced analytical skills employers seek. This program is intended only for academic persons, including students, professors, and other academic professionals for use solely in connection with a course offering. It may only be used in combination with academic textbooks for the sole purpose of teaching and learning analytics. Use of this program is limited to course work as defined by the course syllabus. Any other use of the program is prohibited. Please note that this program may not cover all topics that are covered in the text with which it is bundled. This program is intended to be an introduction to IBM SPSS only.

This version of the program:

·         is for a 12-month period, beginning on the date of customer installation

·         is limited to two installations

·         does not allow for add on SPSS modules

·         is limited to 1500 cases and 50 variables

·         does not allow for SPSS Command Syntax to be used

·         does not allow customers to merge or aggregate files, but students can transpose (flip) files

·         does not allow for scripting, automation, and programmability

·         cannot customize toolbars

·         cannot create custom dialogs with the Custom Dialog Builder. However, students can install custom dialogs

·         cannot connect to IBM SPSS Statistics Server

·         cannot export to Microsoft PowerPoint

·         cannot read and write IBM SPSS Data Collection data sources

This student version can be bundled with any SAGE text at a discount. For more information about the capabilities of this program and bundle pricing, please visit our FAQ page.

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